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Foundation of Our Service Approach

Asset Building Programs for Individuals

Service Learning Programs for Youth and Students

Capacity Building Programs for Service Agencies/ Organizations

Capacity Building Program for Communities

Advocacy and Public Education Program - Voice of Voiceless

Research and Development Program


Sustainability is our way of life!  Consequently, sustainability is at the heart of our service approach.

Our programs and services help our constituency (both the marginalized and organizations/communities serving the marginalized) to attain sustainable livelihood and sustainable operations.

Our programs and services help our constituency to access resources (including their Hidden Assets and Wasting Assets) for use in achieving sustainable livelihood/operations.

Our programs and services for Individuals include:
  • Asset Building Programs
  • Service Learning Programs for Youth and Students

Our programs and services for Organizations/Communities include:

  • Capacity Building Programs for Organizations
  • Capacity Building Programs for Communities

Our Advocacy and Education Program include:

  • Annual Conference
  • Monthly Lectures
  • Annual Winter Festival Celebrating The Human Spirit

Our Research Program include:

  • Conducting original research on issues facing our constituency
  • Monitoring new research conducted by other organizations and changes in government policy
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