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“Green Pastures Society – The Fruit of Experiential Research in Poverty and Spirituality 2001 to 2005.”

“Introducing Green Pastures Society”
The 2006 Annual Conference of Canadian Economic Development Network (CEDNET), Vancouver, BC March 2006

“Of Circles and Spheres”
A Photo Art Essay of  Spiritual Awakening
Homes First Society, Tenants Arts Program 2006.

Homes First SocietyVisit Website

“Oasis: Pools of Tranquility in the City:
A Photographic Essay of Toronto At Sunrise”
Homes First Society, Tenants Arts Program 2005.

Homes First SocietyVisit Website

“The Bridge to The Coming of Day – The Return of The Initiate”
A Poem on experiential journey into Poverty, Homelessness, Rebirth and    
 Self Discovery.
December, 2004.

“Voice of Voiceless”
 Network Magazine, Spring/Summer 2005
Canadian Mental Health Association - Ontario.

“Three Thousand Days In The Wilderness:  A Spiritual Journey Through Homelessness.”
First Canadian Conference on Homelessness.
York University, Toronto.  May 17-20, 2005.

First Canadian Conference of HomelessnessVisit Website

Featured In - ONPHA’s Annual Report 2004 -2005.

Featured In - CCEDNET 2005-2006 Annual Report.

Bootstrap Project – Institute Of Black Enterprise 2002
Pathways to Empowerment of At Risk Youth
Caribbean African Chamber of Commerce.

Homelessness in The Classroom Project 2005.

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