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Foundation of Our Service Approach

Asset Building Programs for Individuals

Service Learning Programs for Youth and Students

Capacity Building Programs for Service Agencies/ Organizations

Capacity Building Program for Communities

Advocacy and Public Education Program - Voice of Voiceless

Research and Development Program


Livelihood Assets and the Five Building Blocks of Sustainable Livelihood

 “Livelihood Assets are the building blocks that support (low income families) in pursuing self sufficiency.”

The five assets of livelihood assets are social, financial, human, personal and physical. The Five Asset Building Blocks gives an overview of each asset and its scope.

Women in Transition out of PovertyWomen In Transition out of Poverty

The Four Pillars of Sustainability

The four pillars of sustainability Media and Marketing, Volunteer Development, Resource Development, and Collaboration.

SustainabilitySustainability – A Way of Being

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