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Foundation of Our Service Approach

Asset Building Programs for Individuals

Service Learning Programs for Youth and Students

Capacity Building Programs for Service Agencies/ Organizations

Capacity Building Program for Communities

Advocacy and Public Education Program - Voice of Voiceless

Research and Development Program


Operations Review Program
Identifying and redeploying Hidden and Wasting Assets to fund strategic activities, programs and operations

Sustainability Program
Learning and applying “The Five Pillars of Sustainability” – the principles and practices necessary to sustain a community based initiative.

Asset Building Program Implementation
Developing and implementing Asset Building Program in house for clients.

Volunteer Program Development
Recruiting, training and developing Volunteers to expand the reach of your services.

Training for Service Agencies
Training Staff in the processes of implementing Asset Building programs for those they serve.

Annual Professional Development Retreat
Annual Strategic Management Retreat on emerging issues including Asset Building Programs, Volunteer Development, Operations Review and Sustainability of operations.

Monthly Educational Seminars
Monthly seminar series for organizations serving our constituency.

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