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Foundation of Our Service Approach

Asset Building Programs for Individuals

Service Learning Programs for Youth and Students

Capacity Building Programs for Service Agencies/ Organizations

Capacity Building Program for Communities

Advocacy and Public Education Program - Voice of Voiceless

Research and Development Program


Income Taxes
Free income tax preparation for Low Income Families to save professional fees and exorbitant service charges.

Tax Planning
Planning to use the tax laws to your advantage including reducing the claw back you face when you receive lump sum payments of income or entitlements from Government or private sources.

Income Security and Social Transfer Entitlements
Accessing income security and social transfer entitlements including recoveries of deficiencies in payments from previous years. 

Home Ownership
Converting rent payments into Home Ownership.

Controlling your expenses including ways to reduce your cost of living.

Credit Counseling
Assist individuals in credit repair by connecting them to appropriate Credit Counseling Agencies for services.

Self employment
Empowering through Self employment.

The Five Building Blocks of Sustainable Livelihood.

Monthly Seminars
Providing financial education to enable you to navigate the financial labyrinth.

Banking Services
Connecting individuals to appropriate Banking Services to reduce exorbitant fees and interest charges they incur in their financial transactions.

Annual Conference on Building Prosperity for Working Families and the Marginalized
Connecting the Marginalized and Vulnerable with services, opportunities and pathways of empowerment.

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