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Born Out of Living with and Serving the Marginalized:

Green Pastures Society was born out of the personal experience of our Founder.  Between 1997 and 2005, our Founder’s life experience introduced him to the life experiences of Prisoners, the Homeless, and low income Canadians.

He lived with them; He served them.  He found that the marginalized among us have hidden talents and assets but faced daunting challenges.  To navigate the endless maze they face, they need a Guide.  The absence of Guides made it impossible for them to realize their talents and hidden assets.

The Research:

Spanning over 3000 days, our Founder engaged the experience 24/7.  The research leading to the formation of Green Pastures Society took place during this period. These are some of his findings:

He found that Low Income Seniors over 65 years in Canada lose over $ 300 million per year to the Government of Canada because they do not know how fill out the forms required to receive their financial entitlement. Since 1999 over 300,000 Seniors have lost over $ 300 million each year to the Governments coffers.  Meanwhile such Seniors live in abject Poverty.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. His research suggests that financial entitlement losses experienced by the marginalized may be as high as $ 1 billion each year. 

Navigating The Labyrinth of Dislocation:

Our programs and services are the direct result of the findings of his research.  The relevance of our programs and services were further confirmed through feedback we received in rendering direct services to our constituency in selected communities in Toronto.

Over the past two years the results of the research and our services have been presented to Conferences and selected communities across Canada.

Green Pastures Society shows the marginalized the way out of the labyrinth!
Our programs and services help our constituency in navigating the maze of dislocation.

They also equip Service Agencies with the tools needed for Financial Advocacy and redeploying their wasting and hidden assets for strategic uses including expanding services to those in need.

This is the commitment of Green Pastures Society; showing the way out of the Labyrinth that entraps over 6 million Canadians and over 6 Billion voices over our planet!

Welcome to Green Pastures Society.  Together, we will build a better world for all of us!

Our Journey into the Labyrinth of Homelessness begins now:

Welcome to the World of The Homeless and The Voiceless!

The Maze of Homelessness:

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